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Monday, April 2, 2012

What's in YOUR Pocket?

Miz Fitz,

I'm really not sure how to put this but I kind of like one of my friends. Luke doesn't go to my school but we text a lot. When I saw him at Honor Choir we hung out a lot and we flirted, but at the concert he avoided me. He has a girlfriend but he has admitted to me that he still likes me and that is why he didn't talk to me. (we met in fifth grade and he liked me then.) He has also told me that he and his girlfriend are having troubles. I don't want to break up his relationship but What do I do?

—Always Single

Dear Single,

You know how some guys like cargo pants no matter how stupid they look? You know how they carry around umpteen things in all those pockets just in case they need to, say, repair a turbocharger or defuse a bomb? Well, some guys have virtual cargo pants where they keep their backup girls, just in case their existing girlfriend doesn’t work out. Those virtual cargo pockets are dark inside, and lonely.

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