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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inflationary Tendencies

Most Amazing Miz Fitz,
I am normally shy. Everytime I like a guy, he falls for my flirty best friend.  She has the boobs, the butt, and the experience. How can I make a guy fall for me?
From Shyly Jealous

Oh dear! Everyone has a friend like that! Miz Fitz once had a friend named Chloe who was so sexy and irresistible that Miz Fitz felt invisible in her company. For a time, Miz Fitz made do with Chloe's cast-offs, but of course that could not last, as Miz Fitz knows deep inside herself that she is a goddess in her own right, and far too special to play second fiddle to anyone.
Eventually, Chloe's diet of pizza and smoothies got the better of her, causing her waistline to overtake her boobs and butt, and Miz Fitz's modest proportions became comparatively pleasing to observant males. Miz Fitz cannot promise that this will happen to your flirty friend, but it gives one cause for hope. Encourage her to eat. It can only help. Consider the case of the once-svelte Kirstie Allie...

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