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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Cat in the Hat

Dear Miz Fitz,

I'm still questioning...Do you think he's in love ?
 He compliments me (he tells me that I'm beautiful/ the prettiest girl of the class/ and even that he loves my earrings).
 He teases me (one time he took my pencil in class, obviously I tried to take it back(in vain) so I put my hand on the table and gave him a 'give me my pen back' look and he wrapped his fingers through mine).
 When he tells me not really nice things and I answer "Love you too" he says "I do too"/"Me too" and he repeated it like 5 times.
 We often cross our legs under the tables when we're next to or in front of each other.
 He's jealous of my 'boyfriend' : Ross Lynch<3 (it's good to dream).
 He tries to hook me up with others guys.
 And a bunch of other stuff but you've got the principle facts.

Since yesterday he is dating another girl (and reallyyyyy showing it!) though he told me that he didn't love her & she was ugly... That's why I'm even more lost ! I know it's a pretty much long message I send you here, but I hope you can answer me.

Take care!

--The *even more* Apprehensive Girl

Dear Apprehensive,

Miz Fitz has been revisiting her childhood by reading Dr. Seuss. Here is what she thinks of your guy:

Miz Fitz does not like him
Not one little bit.
His hot-and-cold actions
Reek of bull…spit.

As the fish told the children
“Make that cat go away!
Tell that cat who’s a rat
You do not want to play.”

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