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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blame it on the Hat

Dear Miz Fitz,
Lately, one of my aquantinces has been acting really awkard around her best friend (who just so happens to be a guy). Then, in her total awkwardness, she kind of broke up with her best friend (I have no idea why). Then, she started flirting with my cousin(who has a girlfriend). Now, she's been acting real friendly around my boyfriend. What the heck should I do!!
—Sombrero Lady 

In her attempt to understand your predicament, Miz Fitz has made a chart featuring the acquaintance, the best friend, the cousin, the girlfriend, the boyfriend, and a sombrero. Now she has the whirlies. Do you really wear a sombrero? That could be part of the problem. Miz Fitz is going with the sombrero. Get rid of the sombrero and everything else will sort itself out.


  1. My sister has been moping around because her boyfriend broke up with her. All she ever does is eat, sleep, cry, and complain. Her boyfriend was a total loser anyways!! But since we share a room, I get to listen to her cry all night. I've told her to shut up, but she goes in the closet and cries even louder!! How can I break to her that her boyfriend is not worth it!! I need my sleep!!

    -Sleepy Beauty

  2. Miz Fitz finds it awkward to respond to questions submitted via the comments. In the future, please make your queries by clicking on the kitty cat's face (above right), or on the "Ask Miz Fitz a Question" link just below the title bar, above.

    However, she will address this query here and now. Miz Fitz recently read a Scientific Article stating that only humans and seagulls produce salty tears. The author claimed that the purpose of crying was to rid the body of excess salt. Sleepy Beauty, Has your sister been eating a lot of potato chips?

    As for how you can get some sleep...Miz Fitz was tossing and turning all night in an attempt to solve your problem. Have you tried earplugs? Better yet, a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling Headphones and an iPod loaded with ambient nature sounds can work wonders.