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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Cute are the Cute Things?

Dear Miz Fitz,
So there's this guy in my school that I liked for 2 years now. This year we became friends, he calls me, we talk a lot, he often stares at me during class! The problem is that every time we do something, and he is the one who proposes to do stuff, he cancels it! And sometimes he ignores me completely! But he always worries when I ignore him and tries to get my attention. When he is working he asks me to go visit him and he makes a lot of cute things, but he can also be a total jerk!  So I don’t really know what he wants does he really like me or he is just messing with my head? What do men have on their mind? Do they have anything on it? My final question is: Should I confess to him? What should I do?!
With respect, Kiki

My Dear Kiki,
You have asked many profound and timeless questions! “Does he really like me or is he just messing with my head?” Possibly both. “What do men have on their minds?” The answers are, in alphabetical order, food, sex, and video games. “Should I confess to him?” No, No, a thousand times No! “What should I do?” Miz Fitz believes that it all depends on the “cute things” he is making for you. How cute are they? If he is making you cute manja drawings of himself, you should forget about him. But if he is making you cute cupcakes, Miz Fitz thinks you should stick around for the sweets.

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