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Friday, November 25, 2011

Another Contest Entry

I like my boyfriend a lot, and he likes me, but... I think he going to have a gambling problem some day. he's always betting on sports, cards, even grades, you name it. Is gambling a disease like those 12 step programs say? How do i know if he has a problem?
-Not a chump

First, my dear chump, Miz Fitz notes that you are something of a gambler yourself, being as you took a big risk by misspelling her name. For future reference, it is two words, the first word being "Miz," and the second word being "Fitz."

Regarding gambling, it is much like sugar, potato chips, pirate romances, and shoe shopping: a modicum of participation is desirable and at times even necessary—after all, he took a chance on you, right? But too much gambling can be perilous. Here is what to look for: if he asks to borrow money from you for any reason, head for the hills. Do not so much as feed a parking meter on his behalf.

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