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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Contest Entry #3: The Toilet Seat Question

Dear Miz Fitz,
Why don't boys put the toilet seat down?  It's gross for us to have to touch it to put it down, and boys shouldn't mind doing it because they like gross things right?
—Put it Down

Dear Down,
Miz Fitz feels your pain.  In fact, she felt it just the other night when entered the bathroom in the dark and discovered that her entire derrière could fit inside a standard toilet bowl. People six houses away were awakened by her outraged shriek.

As to your first question, Miz Fitz queried a male acquaintance, who explained it thusly: "Putting the seat down is inefficient, because the next person to use the toilet might be a guy, and he would just have to lift it up again."

Miz Fitz finds this argument to be spurious and without merit. However, it may be something we have to live with, as the only alternative seems to be to marry a sitzpinkler.

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