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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Contest Entry #2: Doing the Math

Miz Fitz,
Right now I am r
eading a truly awesome book by Pete Hautman, it's called Blank Confession. I can't put it down, but in math class I am always caught reading it. My teacher told me if he finds me reading it again he will take it away. What do I do?

—Gillette Girl

Dear Girl,
It is sweet of you to mention Miz Fitz's favorite author. You get extra points for that. Perhaps you can use those points to improve your math grade. Regarding reading unauthorized materials in class, Miz Fitz is conflicted. She once read all of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca during one semester of Algebra. Reading that book was a sublime and transformative experience, and she would not trade it for anything. However, she had to sit through Algebra class all over again the next summer, and that was not so sublime.

Life is composed of many such conundrums.  Should I stay out late and risk getting grounded? Should I order a large pizza even though I might eat the entire pie? Should I say what I think even if it will make me hated and despised? (Miz Fitz struggles with that one daily.) Should I go out with a really fun guy who will break my heart?

Miz Fitz believes that there are no right answers, but that does not stop her from offering dubious advice. In your situation, she suggests hollowing out your math book and inserting Blank Confession into the hollow. It is a small, slim volume, so you should have no problem fitting it in.

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