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Friday, October 28, 2011


The usually parsimonious Miz Fitz is giving away a free Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of the highly entertaining novel “What Boys Really Want” to the reader who asks the best question during the month of November. The book will be signed by author Pete Hautman, and perhaps by Miz Fitz as well.

You may ask, How is the winner selected? First, you must submit a question. Click here to email Miz Fitz a question.

The winning question will be chosen by the subjective and highly discriminating Miz Fitz.

Here are two suggestions on how to be a winner:

1. You need not be clever or amusing. That is Miz Fitz’s job.
2. Extra points will be awarded for authenticity, or the illusion thereof.

•In case of a tie, Miz Fitz will ask her cat to select a winner.
•Your email address will not be published or sold to spammers.
•Your real name will be used only with your express permission.
•Because Miz Fitz has limited funds available for postage, the book can be shipped only to locations in the U.S. and Canada.

To enter Miz Fitz's contest and win a copy of What Boys Really Wantclick here.  

1 comment:

  1. Hello Miz Fitz,
    I am doing a project on Pete Hautman and came across this great promotion! How fun! I am a graduate student who is getting my Master's as a Library Media Specialist. My course this sememster was on YAL. It is so fun. Reading these questions and answers are so funny!
    My question is....what do boys really want???? I can't wait to read this book and discover the truth...finally!!!