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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living on Imperfect World

Dear Miz Fitz,

I have a boyfriend that has been gone for over 3 months without any contact. (long story... his parents are psycho) So I kinda got close to his best friend. And now I can tell I am falling for him. I already knew I wanted to break up with my boyfriend for a while, but isn't it messed up to date his best friend? And couldn't I ruin their friendship?

-Miz Cunfuzed
Dear Cunfuzed,
In Perfect World, your potential new boyfriend would go his best friend (your ex) and as him if it would be okay for him to ask you out, and your ex would say “Yes,” because we are in Perfect World for the moment. In Perfect World you would not have to deal with all this uncertainty and guilt. Unfortunately, you seem to be living in Imperfect World (as is Miz Fitz), which requires risk-taking and awkwardness and insane plunges into the unknown. Three months is long enough. Your ex and his BF will probably be fine. Go for it.
Don't worry, this probably won't happen.
Of course, you may find yourself in the midst of an unpleasant drama, in which case you may solicit additional advice from Miz Fitz, who thrives on conflict and misery. 

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  1. Dear Miz Fitz,

    Thanks. Well My boyfriend came back, I broke up with him. But his best friend isn't talking to me cuz our parents dont want us talking. Looks like im going to be single on valentines day again.