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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wish List

So Miz Fitz, what do you want for Christmas?
—Misty Poodle

Dear Misty,

Miz Fitz thinks that you have waited until the last minute to plan your Christmas shopping, but she understands. As for what she wants, Miz Fitz would be pleased to receive any of the following three items via FedEx overnight. Saturday delivery is acceptable.

• A Magic Door. Miz Fitz has always coveted a Magic Door, preferably one with a dial that will allow her to select from an infinite number of destinations. 

• Peace on Earth. Yes, such a planet might be a rather boring place, but Miz Fitz is willing to deal with such a consequence.

• A Higgs Boson. And a small bejeweled box in which to keep it.

• And a Happy Solstice to All!

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