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Friday, December 2, 2011

December Contest

Once again, Miz Fitz wishes to congratulate the winners of her November contest, "Penny" and "M." She will be standing in line at her local post office later today to mail them their prizes.

Because she had so much fun sorting through the deluge of entries (all eight of them), Miz Fitz is conducting another contest. This time she will be giving away a signed first edition hardcover copy of What Boys Really Want. 

This symbol is purported to represent the winter solstice.
Miz Fitz has her doubts.
You must ask Miz Fitz a question to enter. But this time there is a twist: it must be a holiday-related question. Any holiday will do.

The winner will be selected on January first, by a system yet to be devised, but entirely fair. 

Click here to submit a question. 

•Your email address will not be published or sold to spammers.
•Your real name will be used only with your express permission.
•Because Miz Fitz has limited funds available for postage, the book can be shipped only to locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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