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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Final Entries

The November contest entries are all in, and Miz Fitz will be choosing a winner later today. Here are three questions that squeaked in just under the wire:

Entry #6
Dear Miz Fitz,
 My boyfriend has been spending a lot of time at the comic book store playing Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.  I think he’s great, but I’m beginning to wish I were a pair of D & D dice.  What can I do to get him to notice me?

Miz Fitz has been to a comic book store, and she has observed they young men in the back of the room playing these games, and she thinks you should reconsider your wish to become a pair of D&D dice. Do you know where those hands have been? Miz Fitz grows woozy at the thought. However, she understands that love is both blind and inexorable. Since you will never be able to extract him from his fantasy universe, your only choice may be to join him. Consider "cosplay.com." 

Entry #7
Dear Miz Fitz,
My boyfriend and I went to see a movie and instead of getting the popcorn & diet Coke I asked for, he bought like 10 boxes of candy. Then I noticed the girl selling candy at the concession stand looked like a cheerleader for a professional sports team, if you know what I mean.
Should I be worried?

In a word, Yes.  Miz Fitz was tempted to post a photo of what your boyfriend's teeth will look like in a few years, but the resulting image search on Google made her somewhat queasy, so she is posting this cute bunny picture instead. As for the cheerleader lookalike, unless your BF is NFL material, you need not be concerned. He knows it ain't gonna happen. 

Entry #8
Hello Miz Fitz,
I am doing a project on Pete Hautman and came across this great promotion! How fun! I am a graduate student who is getting my Master's as a Library Media Specialist. My course this sememster was on YAL. It is so fun. Reading these questions and answers are so funny!
My question is....what do boys really want???? I can't wait to read this book and discover the truth...finally!!! 

Miz Fitz is pleased that the final contest entry question is also the very first question ever asked on her blog, thus saving her the trouble of crafting a new response.

Miz Fitz will be announcing a the winner of a signed copy of What Boys Really Want later today. Contain yourselves.

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