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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Contest Entry #1

HELP!! My significant other and I are invited to an ugly sweater party for the holidays with prizes for the couple who wears the ugliest sweaters.  I am so excited; I have the perfect sweaters picked out for honey and me! Honey refuses to wear sweater. : (    What should I do to get him to stop being a Scrooge?
—Ms. UGLY (Ugliest Sweater Girl is Longing for the Yuletide Spirit for her sweetie)

Dear Ugly,
First, Miz Fitz wants you to know how much she admires your pepper spray sweater, and thank you for including the photo. As for your S.O., the thing to keep in mind about boys is that NO SWEATER IS TOO UGLY FOR THEM TO WEAR. Your problem may be that the  sweater you picked out for him is not ugly enough to meet his exacting standards. Open your mind to other possible designs, such as this one:

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  1. wow that so funny... What does a guy really want for Christmas?