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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday in Bogzillia

Dear Miz Fitz:
Is my birthday, November 3rd, really a holiday or is my mother just trying to get me to stop whining?  I hope this qualifies as a holiday-related question.

Dear Diane,
November third is indeed a holiday! Not only is it your birthday, it is the anniversary of the death of Saint Boggs, who drove the naked mole rats out of Bogzillia in 1642. How nice for you that your mother chose to give birth to you on that day!
As for your mother's intentions, it depends on how loudly and for how long you whine. There is nothing parents hate more than whining, but the fact is, it works. Doing the dishes might get you a pat on the head, but whining will get you a ride to the mall.

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