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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Miz Fitz is In a Pickle

She has been wearing her Choosing Hat* all day, and she still can't decide which of the Many Questions she has received is truly the Best. Her cat is not helping either. Therefore, she has decided to employ random processes. John Cage would approve. Each question has been assigned a number.  She has written those numbers on individual slips of paper. She is putting the slips of paper in her Choosing Hat. She is reaching into the hat. She has chosen a slip of paper.

It is number six!

Miz Fitz is feeling generous. She is reaching into the hat again! She is giving away TWO books! 

It is number one!

Congratulations, number six! Congratulations, number one! Your books will arrive soon.

*Do not confuse the term "choosing hat" with the term "sorting hat," or you will be befuddled.

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