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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doing the Math

Dear Ms. Fitz,

I am a sophomore in high school and my boyfriend, "Patrick" is too. I also happen to be in the advanced placement math class with mostly seniors. My boyfriend's brother is in the class with me. He is a more rugged and handsome version of Patrick. I think he is flirting with me while we are applying formulas to gravitation. Is it OK to flirt back?


Dearest Euclidea,

Miz Fitz is trying to imagine what constitutes flirting in an AP math class:

"One squared equals one, wink wink"

"You are more fascinating than a polynomial."

"The amplitude of your harmonic motion completes me."

But never mind that. Allow Miz Fitz to make a salient observation: When girls flirt they employ subtle, clever, and meaningful words and actions. A boy's version of flirtation is to simply stare and drool—there is nothing subtle about it. If you only "think" he is flirting with you, he is most probably not. In any case, consider the following equation: 15+2=17 In English, that means that Patrick will look just like his brother in two years.

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